The Norwood, Payneham and St Peters Council’s plan to ban right turns from The Parade into George Street during peak hour will push 685 vehicles down residential side streets every week.

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I am a regular user of Norwood Parade and have a personal interest in the intersection of George Street and The Parade as part of the Parade Masterplan. I would like to see the addition of short right turn lanes on The Parade, enabling a designated turning lane into George Street, north and south, in conjunction with the proposed scramble crossing.



Improved pedestrian safety
Less traffic congestion
Better and safer parking access
Better traffic flows
Reduced rat-running through residential streets to avoid busy arterial roads
Improved driver safety


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Important Notice to Norwood Parade Users. Important Notice to Norwood Parade Users. (103 KB)


The Parade/George Street intersection has been the site of 21 crashes in the last 5 years. While a scramble crossing is being introduced to help with pedestrian safety, it was recommended by The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) this be accompanied by short dedicated right turn lanes to manage queuing and traffic.

This solution was rejected by Council which instead voted for a ban on right turns (proposed for The Parade 7.30am-9am M-F for westbound traffic and 4pm-6pm M-F for eastbound traffic) which will compromise both traffic flow and safety.